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Auro Chocolate is a PEZA-certified chocolate manufacturing company and we are looking for qualified people to join our growing team! We are more than just a bean-to-bar chocolate company. Our advocacy runs deep into the farms where our cacao beans are grown. In the Davao region, we support local farming communities by being directly involved each step of the way. Alongside our commitment to sourcing the best local beans, we also want to elevate the standard of cocoa production by investing in technology. We are working with some of the world’s leading manufacturers to set up a modern chocolate factory in Calamba that would enable us to optimise the inherent quality of our cacao beans, allowing for a seamless fusion of heritage and innovation. Through this, we hope to create delicately crafted products that contribute towards the sustainable development of the cocoa industry. Our goal is to make a truly single-origin product where everything is grown, refined and perfected in the Philippines. Together, we can put the Philippines on the cocoa map. Together, we can create something we can proudly call Filipino!

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