Welcome to the start of your new job!

Whether you are a fresh grad, long time-employee looking for a change of scenery, or maybe one link lead to another and you ended up here, we’re glad to have you.

The Ultimate Jobseeker’s Guide has everything you need to land your first, second, third, or nth job. From application hacks to tips and insights from recruiters and CEOs, this is your one stop shop and job search best friend. We’ve divided the guide into the milestones of the job search but if you find yourself needing more help, let us know at support@kalibrr.com.

Daniel Olivan


Building your Resume
How do you show recruiters who you are and what kind of worker you’d be on a piece of paper?
Searching for Jobs
The job search isn’t just finding a new job. It’s learning about industries, work practices, and yourself.
Acing your Interview
Landing an interview is a success of its own but the battle isn’t over yet.
Surviving the Wait
Ah, the wait. This is the no man’s land of the job search.
Accepting the Offer
As much as you want to scream “YES!!” out of excitement, don’t.
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