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History and Core Over the course of Empire Group’s history, many products have come and gone as markets changed and customers refined their needs. But Empire continues to manufacture the same drive for passion and Enthusiasm for excellence that was evident back in time. Core values have guided the Empire Company and the Affiliates throughout its history. In 1998, the Empire Group of Companies took on the task of defining those values that create the Empire culture. They have selected five Company Core Values which became the face of each outstanding employees in front of their clients and investors: Be Critical, Be Trustworthy, Keep Our Commitments, Respect the Individual Characteristics and Encourage Intellectual Curiosity which became an epitome of each era for the modern and technological advancement in each country. These are the values that inspired the Empire’s Board and its employees in the early years and will continue to distinguished excellence from the Empire Group culture in the future. Finally, they considered what the Empire heritage really means for those employees who work at the company and the customers who were catered by the Empire’s products and services. Ultimately, they summed it up with a very simple Vision Statement: “Definitive assets are found in each Employee’s Core.”

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