Companies using Kalibrr

Eliminate low-impact recruiter tasks from your to-do list.

Kalibrr comes equipped with automated assessment tools. Candidates can take their tests on their own time, and our platform automatically computes for the results. You don't have to schedule your candidates one by one anymore, nor do you have to produce and check every single administered test.

Spend more time on the best candidates by selecting job seekers based on assessment score.

Our assessment tools remove the guesswork in choosing candidates to interview. By reviewing their assessment scores, you can already choose candidates that are truly qualified for your company even before you reach out to them.

Create your own set of assessments employed in various formats.

Kalibrr's assessments go beyond the simple written exam. We use various forms of media to effectively and accurately measure the capabilities of applicants.

Assessment Libraries

Job Specific

Covers foundation skills that allow employees to meet the minimum requirements to perform a job. These assessments screen for ability to learn new information, ability to articulate thoughts, comprehend instructions and ability to document using basic computer applications. Foundation Skills are required in every job.

Reading Comprehension

This measures ability to grasp and comprehend fully and completely explicit and implicit information of written communication.

Listening Comprehension

This measures the ability to grasp and comprehend fully and completely, explicit and implicit information of spoken communication/information.


This measures the ability to retain information (written and spoken) presented in varied contexts.


This assessment evaluates the ability to describe or put into words ideas and thoughts smoothly.