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Kalibrr's end-to-end recruitment features

  • Unlimited job posts

    Unlimited job posts

    Create job posts for all your available positions and easily share them online and in social networks

  • Resume search

    Resume search

    Search through Kalibrr's extensive and growing database of jobseekers

  • Recommended candidates

    Recommended candidates

    Automatically receive candidates fit for your job openings

  • Messaging


    Contact candidates directly through email and SMS at no additional cost

  • Scheduler


    Create schedules for candidates with automatic reminders

  • Premium recruiting pipeline

    Keep track of every candidate's hiring progress from start to finish

    Premium recruiting pipeline
  • Recruit better and efficiently on Kalibrr

    • Assessments


      Qualify candidates with assessments by experts from Asian Development Bank

    • Real-time reports

      Real-time reports

      Track and analyze your hiring metrics in detail and in an instant

    • Teammates


      Collaborate easily with your teammates and manage hiring teams

    • API Integration

      API integration

      Integrate Kalibrr to your site and with various other tools

    • Customer support

      Customer support

      Get quality support and training from the Kalibrr team

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"Kalibrr was a good disruption to DBM. Aside from formally helping us recruit fresh new talent, it also gave us a convenient and reliable answer to people who ask how they can join the government. We just tell them to go to Kalibrr. This intergovernmental partnership with a tech startup is definitely unprecedented at this scale. When word started going around that there's such a thing as ‘‘Kalibrr’’, there would be directors who go straight to me looking for new recruits. And our employees from Kalibrr have been impressive."