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Easily create your career page using Kalibrr's company page.

Kalibrr allows you to have your own Company Page where candidates can find all your job posts in one place. You can then easily embed your Company Page into your website to centralize your recruitment process on Kalibrr.

Save time. Post your job on Kalibrr and it automatically syncs to your career page. You only need to do it once.

Your Career Page also updates itself every time you post a job on Kalibrr. You save a lot of time now that you only need to do it only once.

40% of job searches are on mobile.

Kalibrr's Career Page is designed to be compatible for mobile viewing, making sure that you cover all your bases when sourcing for talent.

Great experience for your applicants.

The user-friendly interface of the Kalibrr platform will encourage more candidates to apply for your jobs. And the more applications you receive through Kalibrr, the more quality candidates you can select from.

Seamless recruitment for you.

When candidates apply to your jobs on your Kalibrr-powered Career Page, their applications go directly into your Kalibrr account's recruitment pipeline. Easily manage candidate applications whether they apply through Kalibrr or your website.

Do you have a careers page?


1. Go to Company Settings.

2. In the Company Settings page, find Embed Link and copy the code.

3. Add the embed code in your career page's HTML source and you're done!